Vehicle Accessories

  • Bungee Cord

    Bungee Cord

    Used for cargo retention.

  • Camera Cube Package

    Camera Cube Package

    Custom shelving and workbench, per your needs.

  • Director's Chair Bracket

    Director’s Chair Bracket

    Heavy duty steel construction, hangs on wooden slats inside cube trucks, holds up to 5 directors’ chairs.

  • D-Ring / E-Track

    E-track D-rings for adjustable cargo tie down.

  • E-Track Ratchet Strap

    E-Track Ratchet Strap

    2″ wide and available in multiple lengths.

  • Furniture Pad

    Furniture Pad

    For protection of equipment, props, furniture, etc.

  • Gas Can

    Gas Can

    1-gallon to 5-gallon capacity.

  • GoJak Car Wheel Dollies / Set of 4

    GoJak Car Wheel Dollies / Set of 4

    Supports up to 5,200 lbs gross weight. Model #G6313 Right. Includes GoJak #G567R Rolling Storage Rack.



  • Loading Ramps (Set of 2)

    A pair ramps for loading carts into vehicles.

  • Padlock and Key

    Padlock w/ Key

    Secure locks to keep your load safe.

  • Ratchet Strap

    Ratchet Strap

    For securing cargo, multiple lengths available.

  • Shelving Unit / 4’

    Shelving Unit / 4′

    Three shelves standing.

  • Shelving / Hanging

    Shelving / Hanging

    Slat hanging brackets with wood shelf.

  • Wardrobe Shelving w/ Hanging Racks

    Wardrobe Shelving w/ Hanging Racks

    Custom hanger racks and shelves, per your needs.