About Us

In 1977, Tim Ranahan started in the film business as a production assistant on Star Wars. Over the next 17 years, he worked as a location scout/manager, picture car coordinator, motorhome driver, grip truck driver, camera car driver, precision driver and grip and electrician. He worked with amazing people at some fabulous locations throughout the western United States.


Tim’s eldest son, Kellen came into the world in 1987, followed by his daughter Erin in 1993. He wanted to spend more time with his children; so, in 1993 he left the freelance world to start Ranahan Production Services. The first year of RPS was spent in the garage of Tim’s house in Pleasant Hill. It soon became apparent the company had to expand to keep up with the growing film industry in Northern California. The company moved to warehouses in Emeryville, Oakland and finally to our current home in Berkeley.


Tim has had the privilege of working with an amazing crew, both past and present. The past employees, to name a few, include Chris Ide, Joe Sutherland, Daniel Patusco, Betsy Twitchell and Alex Lovejoy. Our current cast of characters include Kellen Ranahan, James Kreuzer and Aidan Bernal. Everyone in our past and present has helped make this company committed to providing quality equipment at competitive rates with outstanding customer service.